Juneau’s Public Charter School

Directed by an elected committee of parents and teachers, JCCS is a public school in Juneau, Alaska.

Our Charter allows us the flexibility to customize curriculum to meet the unique needs of our students and families.

We build community amongst students, employ small groups whenever possible,
include art and music in multi-grade classrooms, and provide plenty of time for hands-on exploration.

JCCS supports and is supported by families who want a higher degree of involvement in their school;
each family is active both within and outside of the classroom every week.

JCCS is an optional program in the Juneau School District

Program Highlights

math buddies

Music Buddies

We come together in song to build community. We explore music to build our minds. It helps with literacy, it helps with math. We sing about the things we’re studying to make everything more real.

Reader Buddies

Reader Buddies

Reading with a friend cements trust and builds relationships. Students K-8 read with each other helping to build a community school-wide while fostering a love for literacy.

All-School Centers

All-School Centers

During “centers” students choose which experiments to work on. Student-choice increases engagement and retention. Centers range from basic math and logic games to dissecting machines or fish.


Exploring Nature

Every day we go outside, rain or shine. Students are given the time to exercise, play, and cooperate with each other. Our location in downtown Juneau gives us easy access to trails and streams.


Art, Music & Creativity

Whenever possible, we integrate art and music into our classrooms. Singing, playing music, and artistic expression helps students build creativity and fundamental skills.



Projects are a core part of our curriculum. They allow students to merge literacy, math, science, social studies, and other content areas helping them construct a more thorough understanding of the concepts they’re exploring.



At JCCS math is done mostly in small groups. The program starts with a student’s strengths, and builds from there; scaling from kindergarten through 8th grade geometry. Read more about our math curriculum.

small groups

Small Groups

Whenever possible students are placed into mixed groups based not only on skill but for peer modeling so that students can learn with and from each other as well as develop the trust that helps them take risks.

“After 14 years our family is nearly done with K-8 education at the Juneau Charter School. My boys have grown into strong math thinkers, good writers, creative problem solvers, committed community members & much more thanks to the community of teachers, specialists & parents. The program helps each child excel and has been a life changing place for our family.”Jeannie Monk
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