Our Mission

To provide a creative learning environment where the needs of the whole child are addressed and the strengths of every child are identified and enhanced.

We continuously strive to:

  1. Nurture relationships among students, staff, and families.
  2. Teach in a developmentally appropriate way.
  3. Increase and strengthen family involvement.
  4. Support students to become resourceful, self-directed learners.
  5. Develop students who take responsibility for their physical and social environment.
  6. Foster the important learning that takes place during conflict, negotiation, problem-solving and resolution.
  7. Promote the social nature of learning by including many chances for children to interact and discuss their views.
  8. Embrace children’s ability to learn through play and exploration.
  9. Engage students in the world outside the classroom.
  10. Educate the whole child so that children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and artistically.
  11. Implement authentic, integrated curricula that are hands-on and experiential, and allow for meaningful choice.
  12. Help students understand and serve our communities.
  13. Assess student growth through formative assessment, observational narratives, portfolios, and self-reflection.
  14. Govern our school as a collaboration between staff and parents.
  15. Maintain a student population that reflects the diversity of Juneau.


"When my child noticed me in her school, helping and being involved, her attitude toward school changed immediately."


"The staff and relationships are key, but Brenda's math program is so well done and has turned by son into a budding scientist."


"JCCS isn't about teaching, it's about learning. A subtle yet important distinction the teachers understand."

We Believe…

They know that they will have many opportunities for dramatic play and hands-on experimentation in intriguing and relevant projects. They know that their individual interests and needs will be considered and they will have real choices. They know that they will be actively engaged and working purposefully with their peers and teachers in small group projects and challenging discussions. They trust that their teachers know them well as individuals; they feel secure and willing to take risks. They know that they will be encouraged to explore and express their ideas and feelings through a variety of media.
They have to figure out how to connect what they already know with what is new. This active construction of knowledge is not easy, but the struggle required is essential to deep and satisfying learning. It is the educator’s role to support this process so that students routinely ask themselves: “Does my idea make sense?” “Is it clear to others?” and “What if?”
“Community” at the Juneau Community Charter School is evidenced by the sound of students comfortably agreeing and disagreeing in the classroom as they work to solve problems and challenge each other’s thinking.  It is seen in our multi-grade classrooms and during all-school activities where older students mentor and nurture younger children. Family members are in and out of the school throughout the day, working alongside teachers in the classroom and supporting the learning community in a myriad of ways.  When the school day ends, community continues through social engagements, celebrations, school business meetings and frequent communication between staff and parents.

These relationships, developed and maintained throughout the years of a student’s education at JCCS, help children to grow as confident individuals and productive and contributing members of their communities now and in the future.  

Orientation Folder

To learn more about the Juneau Community Charter School, here is a folder of orientation documents.