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K/1st Grades Starr Henry starr.henry@juneauschools.org
2nd/3rd Grades Lindsay Hulbert lindsay.hulbert@juneauschools.org
4th/5th Grades Cynthia McFeeters cynthia.mcfeeters@juneauschools.org
Middle School – LA/SS Jenny Strumfeld jennifer.strumfeld@juneauschools.org
Middle School – Math/Science Steve Morley steven.morley@juneauschools.org
Art: K-8 Lesley Kalbrener lesleykalbrener@gmail.com
Math 4/5 Anne Kurland annekurland@gmail.com
Math 6/7/8 Brenda Taylor brenda.taylor@juneauschools.org
Music Rob Cohen robcohen@alaska.net
Music Inga White ingadye@gmail.com
PE Geoff Roes grroes@yahoo.com
Special Education Sean Joslyn sean.joslyn@juneauschools.org
Principal Caron Smith caron.smith@juneauschools.org
Paraeducator K/1 Beth Rivest elizabeth.rivest@juneauschools.org
Paraeducator 2/3 Krista Arvidson krista.arvidson@juneauschools.org
Paraeducator 4/5 Nathan Bishop nathan.bishop@juneauschools.org
Paraeducator Spec Ed Michel Meersman michel.meersman@juneauschools.org
Counselor Kristi Sycks kristi.sycks@juneauschools.org
Administrative Specialist Tonya Essary tonya.essary@juneauschools.org
Office Assistant Mistee St. Clair mistee.stclair@juneauschools.org
President Linda Newman newman@alaska.net
Vice President Lyle Kessler red78ta@gmail.com
Treasurer Caroline Walker caroline.walker@alaska.gov
Secretary Brett Dillingham brett@brettdillingham.com
Outreach Mistee St Clair mdstclair@gmail.com
Member Abbey Janes tongasspianoworks@gmail.com
Member Britteny Cioni-Haywood britteny.cioni@gmail.com
Principal Caron Smith caron.smith@juneauschools.org

*Classroom teachers sit on the board on a monthly rotation and have one vote combined.

Email the APC: newman@alaska.net