Family and parent involvement in school can have a significant and lasting impact on how your child views academics. Below you will find an outline of how families support JCCS.

Supporting the Philosophy

The Juneau Community Charter School program is designed for families who want a high level of involvement in the educational process, a school closely connected with the community, and whenever possible, individualized instruction.

Embracing the Whole Curriculum
Our curriculum differs from traditional schools. It is important that parents welcome the opportunity to learn about what it means to educate “the whole child” at school and to support the children and teachers in that endeavor.

Being a Member of a Community
JCCS works best when we all know and feel in community with one another, kids and adults. For new families, we pledge to do our best to make you feel welcomed into our midst and hope that you will help us to get to know your family and your child.

Advocating Not Only For Your Own Child, but For All
Parents at JCCS often act not only as facilitators of our own school, but voices for children in Juneau. We often are asked to make decisions about policies that need to be in the best interest of all the children and families.

Students Benefit from the Whole Program
When you consider enrolling your child at JCCS, consider the whole school experience, kindergarten through 8th grade. The small, closely-knit aspect of our school combined with our constructivist, community-focused approach has an additive effect and the longer a student’s tenure the greater their experience.